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What snacks should you pack?

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What snacks should you send to school with your child?  And what about lunch?

This is one of the many tasks you may not have a lot time to prepare for during the week, so the best recommendation is to plan and organize ahead of time in order to survive the school year.

You should begin by talking to your child about that type of snacks or food items they would like to bring to school.  Visit the market with your children and read the nutritional labels together before you make the decision to purchase.  Plan ahead snacks and meal plans on your calendar.  If a food item does not have a nutrition label, make sure to include amount of carbohydrates on an attached notes or with marker on the container.

Remember, to make sure there is enough variety, so children will not get bored and be tempted to trade snacks with their peers.

In terms of school lunches, if you would like your child to eat the food provided by the school, be sure to find out the menu ahead of time.  Many schools already provide nutritional information on their websites.

If you decide to prepare their lunch at home, do not forget to count carbohydrates.