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New Outpatient Pediatric Department Opens February 2014

In February 2014, Florida Hospital for Children will be opening a state of the art Outpatient Pediatric Department featuring 14 thoughtfully designed private rooms and 2 leading edge sedation suites.  Our nurses, physicians, child life specialist and ancillary team provide exemplary care to all pediatric patients requiring short stays for outpatient procedures, testing or treatments. The modalities used by our team to create a low stress environment form a culture that welcomes children and families back time after time.  Our services include IV infusions, antibiotic treatment, chemotherapy, blood transfusions, endocrine stimulation testing and lab draws. Realizing that your time is valuable, we are dedicated to providing these services in a safe and timely manner for everyone involved.

As a patient undergoing endocrine stimulation testing, your child can expect to experience the same low stress techniques as described above. There are a variety of tests that our endocrine physicians order and send us on a daily basis. Once we receive the order from the physician, we will contact you to schedule your testing and review all instructions leading up to the procedure. Whether your child is visiting us for growth hormone testing, testing for precocious puberty, glucose tolerance testing or any of the other intricate tests we perform, you will be placed with one of three specially trained Endocrine nurses whose sole purpose is to perform this testing and assure that your results are accurate and timely.

Most testing will require blood to be drawn periodically throughout a two to three hour time frame and for that reason, your child will have an IV line placed to minimize their discomfort and maximize the therapeutic efforts of our atraumatic care. As pediatric nurses, we realize that any sort of invasive procedure can cause anxiety both for your child as well as you, and so rest assured that we utilize methods of distraction which include a numbing spray and device called “Buzzy Bee.” (This has become a favorite amongst our patients for his cute appearance and way of “buzzing” the pain away.)

Each room also has its own television with our very special “Get Well Network.” This is especially entertaining for the kids (and helpful for the parents) as it features the ability for the patient to go online, play games, watch movies or watch any regularly scheduled programming. Your nurse will walk you through your testing step by step and be happy to answer any questions you may have along the way to ensure a thorough understanding of what exactly is being done. You can expect your results to be available two weeks after the day of your testing and we ask that you schedule your follow up appointment with the clinic for that time. We look forward to meeting you and your child when you come for testing!    

To learn more or to request an appointment, please call Pediatric Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism at 407.896.2901 or request an appointment on our website.