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Social Work

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The psychosocial impact of diabetes in childhood involves the entire family.  Sometimes, the adjustment and acceptance of this diagnosis can present family members with feelings of anxiety, denial, anger, depression, fear, guilt, stress and more.

In the clinic, our social work team offers compassionate, experienced care to help families navigate through their diabetes journey. We provide the following services:

  • Helping your family to understand and explore the best ways to manage diabetes
  • Guiding your family through health care and insurance
  • Helping you understand how lifestyle choices can affect the progression of the disease
  • Assisting your family with finding resources and make appropriate referrals in the community

Another important role our social workers play is to help patients reframe their perspective of the diagnosis and empower them to believe they control diabetes and it does not control them. We work together with the interdisciplinary team here at the clinic to work with patients to see what would be best for managing the patient’s diabetes; whether that is getting the Diabetes Care Foundation (DCF) involved or finding a different regimen that works better for the patient and family depending on their psychosocial issue.

We offer guidance to you as you face the challenges of life with a chronic illness, relieving some of your burden and better equipping you to cope.  As the famous quote says “It takes a village to raise a child” and remember to live with, not for, diabetes.